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Video has become a fundamental component to planning a communication campaign for your brand.

There are several common types of videos a company can use: explainer videos, tutorials, animated commercials, and social media videos for your content strategy. With our expertise and experience, we can navigate this sea of options with you to help you find the most effective solution for your needs.


Animated explainer videos are concise mediums (usually less than two mins) that help to illustrate complex concepts in high-level, digestible, and engaging ways.


Tutorial videos (also known as “How-to-Videos”) are effective visual guides that follow a step-by-step format that steers users through complex processes.


Animated commercial ads are the ultimate marketing tool in showcasing a product/service and conveying the overall vision behind the company creating it.


Social media is such a crucial element to marketing campaigns nowadays, and well-thought-out videos have proven to be incredibly effective on these platforms.

Explainer Videos

Being one of the most powerful resources for content marketers today, explainer videos are tremendously successful in not only describing your company’s products/services in a manner that directly resonates with your target audience’s pain points but also presenting your solution as the best answer to their problems.

Through just a single piece of high-quality, well-designed video content, your company can find itself generating leads, reducing bounce rates, fostering brand awareness, and increasing conversions.

Price range 5k-15k

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Tutorials Videos

The goal of tutorial videos is to not only guide existing users on how to best use your product/service but also to give potential users a deep-dive look at how your product/service appears and motivate them to take the next step into making the final purchase.

Price range 4k-15k

Animated Commercial

Animated commercial ads (short yet highly engaging 10 to 30-second videos) utilize innovative and entertaining methods to promote your company’s products/services as well as provide attractive insights to the overall company behind them. They help in raising brand awareness and increasing conversions. Additionally, being fully animated allows full control in customization which will ensure better translation of your branding and relatability with your target audience.

Price range: 10-20k

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Social Media Content Strategy

There is no ignoring social media nowadays, and if you think of all the content you can publish on these wide spreading platforms — text, emojis, GIFs, pictures — video is by far the biggest bang for your buck. It’s undeniably less common, more engaging, emotionally provoking, and comprehensive in the overall message you want to convey.

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