About us

Marmota is founded and run by designers and animators with combined creative industry experience of 30+ years.

Marmota connects brands and people through customized video content.


Adrian Karpenkopf


Meticulous director of art with in-depth expertise in character design, creative direction, and storytelling, along with a taste for songwriting.

Federico Balart


Dedicated and seasoned master of puppets with vast knowledge of motion graphics, animation, film production, VFX, editing, and music.

Tiffany Ou

Project Manager

Methodical and agile multitasker with an extensive creative background in graphic design, branding, and information architecture.

Experience in
Beginning-to-End Video

Both Detail and Quality-Oriented

Clear, Approachable, and Consistent Communication

Partnership Mentality

Low(er) Production Overhead = Competitive Pricing for Clients

Our Clients

"The team is fast and efficient and always goes above and beyond my expectations. I can’t wait to see how we collaborate in the future".

Patrick Taylor

D Dot Films

“It really felt like they were as committed to our success as we were. We definitely look forward to working with them again.”

Nathan Ginnever

Finality Labs

“This team is nothing short of extraordinary. If I needed any design help in any future project, they would be my immediate first choice.”

Jonathan Dunlap